FAQ (answers to frequently asked questions)

We have tried to predict as many questions as possible, but if you still do not find the answer here, our website consultant or support service will be glad to answer you. Just ask!
What is the difference between IPv4 and IPv6 protocols?

In simple terms, IPv6 addresses differ in length and have replaced the IPv4 format, but they haven't gained the same popularity among users yet because not all websites support them. You can find more detailed information about the protocol on Wikipedia. However, it's worth noting that IPv6 proxies are actively used by users and have shown themselves to be reliable when working with social networks such as Instagram, Google, Facebook, Vkontakte, and Telegram; these platforms already support this IP address protocol. IPv6 proxies provide the same level of quality and anonymity as IPv4 proxies . The setup is just as simple and doesn't differ from setting up an IPv4 address.

I paid fot the service, what's next?

After placing an order (specifying all necessary information to place an order and paying for it), you will receive an access code by email, with which you will be able to log in to your Personal Account and manage your services, orders and more.

Can i extend my proxy?

Certainly, you can extend your orders for periods ranging from one and more while reducing or expanding them as needed.

If the validity period of the order has expired, you can renew the order yourself in your personal account or contact a consultant or support for help.

What bonuses and discounts do you have and how to get them?

We have various bonus and discount systems.

On Batch Proxies, Mobile Proxies, PRIME Proxies, and Personal Proxies tariffs, there is an automatic discount (the more addresses/channels you have in your order, the lower the price per IP address/channel). Additionally, we periodically send out and publish discount promo codes for purchasing or extending our services. Therefore, we recommend subscribing to our email newsletters, push notifications, and social media channels to ensure you don't miss out on special offers and valuable information from our service. Individual discounts are also possible for large corporate orders or proxy purchases exceeding 6 months.

How many nets/subnets do you have?

We cannot answer this question precisely, since the availability of both addresses and nets/subnets is always different. One thing we can say for sure, we always try to provide as many different nets/subnets as possible to order.

What are your proxy servers suitable for?

Our proxies are suitable for any tasks/purposes that are not related to illegal activities and violation of the law of the country where the proxy server is located. Proxies do not work with payment and banking systems. We recommend that you read our terms of use before paying. .

In case of violation on your part, we will be forced to block your account, with no possibility of refund.

What programs do your proxy work with?

Our innovative proxy server organization technology allows the proxy to work with absolutely any program, service, site, script, game, etc. Only proxy support is required. If suddenly the address doesn't work with your app or site, let us know and we'll try to solve this issue.

How long will my purchased proxy work?

Proxy servers are our property, in 99.9% of cases the addresses will work within paid validity period. But sometimes, due to force majeure, the servers may be unavailable. This may be due to a problem in the data center or any other force majeure. We try to prevent this from happening and always monitor the operation of the equipment.

If I forgot my access code, what should I do?

Do not be upset, you need to contact our consultants in the online chat or write to us for support.

Are your IP addresses suitable for automated mailing?

No. All the so-called postal ports of the 25th, etc. blocked And such actions are prohibited by our terms of use.

In what format do you provide the proxy list?

You will not only be able to choose the format of the address list organization that is convenient for you (they are selected for the most popular services and programs), but you can also choose the format of the downloaded file.

What types of connections will be available?

For all services, the following connection types are available: HTTP/HTTP(s), SOCKS5

For some services, the following proxy protocols are also available: Shadowsocks, Socks5+TLS, Trojan+TLS, VLESS+TLS, and UDP protocol.

Each service page specifies which specific connection types and protocols are supported.

What is the authorization method of your proxy?

By default, it is organized by login and password, but you can change it yourself in your personal account to authorization by your IP address, if necessary. (binding can be to several IP addresses at the same time)

Do you have refund?

Of course, but according to our return policy , which complies with all international legal regulations and documents. Applications are accepted for consideration if no more than 4 hours have passed since the purchase.

Do you have a trial period?

No. We do not provide test access to our services. If you have doubts about any issues, contact a consultant on the site or support.

When I’ll get proxies?

No need to wait! The service is fully automated. After payment, you can immediately download your order in your personal account.

Is it possible to replace the proxy at my wish?

You can replace the proxy, but only according to the regulations, if no more than 4 hours have passed since the purchase. (3 changes). Replacement is also possible when the order is extended. (partly or completely). After the scheduled time, replacement is possible in limited cases and under certain circumstances. Each case is considered individually.

For which period can I buy proxy?

You can purchase a proxy of any direction for any period from one day or more, all possible options are presented in the selection when placing an order. If you want to buy a tariff for a period of more than 1 year, write to us. .

Which payment systems can I pay on your site and is there a commission?

You can use any of the available payment methods, such as MasterCard, VISA, QIWI, Yandex, cryptocurrencies, PayPal, mobile payments, and others. All available payment methods are specified when placing your order. There are no fees charged by us for payment using any method.

Please note that some payment methods (e.g., cryptocurrency exchanges) may charge you a fee for processing the transaction.

Can I use domain instead of IP to set mobile proxy?

We understand that in some cases, it's more convenient to use a domain instead of an IP address, so we provide this option when using Mobile Proxies . When downloading your order, you can choose a file format with a domain instead of an IP address.
However, it's important to understand:
Domain = IP address
(For example: When changing location/operator, the domain will remain static, but the IP address may change). Using a domain may increase latency!

How often can I change the location and operator on mobile proxies?

If you have multiport active, you can change location and operator every 10 minutes.

What will happen if I don't set a rotation timer for the mobile proxy service?

If you do not have a timer set, then the address will change randomly at different times.

What are the options for connecting to mobile proxies?

Using regular equipment requisites:

Connection via HTTP or SOCKS using an IP address and port or domain and port. The connection details will be provided upon downloading. The IP address and port remain the same when changing location or operator. Authorization via IP address (without a login and password) may not work in some cases.

Using direct requisites:

Connection via HTTP or SOCKS using an IP address and port. The connection details will be provided upon downloading if you select the option 'Add direct equipment requisites'. The IP address and port will change when changing location or operator. Authorization via IP address (without a login and password) will work reliably in any circumstances.


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