rules of use

The service and products are provided by the company "Proxy-solutions" on basis "as it is " and does not bear any responsibility for causing or the possibility of causing damage to the User, his information or business as a result of using or not being able to use the service.

Access to payment and banking systems through proxies is blocked.

The received products, the access code to use products of the service of the company "Proxy-solutions" are confidential information and are not subject to distribution.

In case of violation of these terms, the company "Proxy-solutions" reserves the unilateral right to terminate the servicing of the client without the possibility of recovery and refund.

Carefully read the text of the public offer , and if you do not agree with any point of the offer, you have the right to refuse to purchase the Goods provided by the Seller.


Transferring the account to other people, as well as reselling our IP addresses without the consent of the service administration.

Use proxy servers for SPAM and other types of illegal mailings.

Use for hacker attacks, brute, site hacking, information theft, and other similar prohibited activities.

Violation of the laws of the countries where the servers are located.

Violation of the rules will result in immediate account blocking without warning and refund.

At the time of publication (August 21, 2020), you automatically accept the rules of the service when you click the button ("Buy"), and also undertake to comply with our services using regulations.