Refund policy

You can request a return of the cost, as no more than 4 hours have passed since the moment of purchase!

The number of purchased proxies has not to exceed 10pcs.

In case if we could not provide you the service (access to proxy servers), for which the payment was made, we are refunding the price, including the commission for the transfer. The refund is conducted within a day.

The refund is possible only once for the account.

The refund is made to the accounts of electronic wallets WebMoney, YooMoney, QIWI deducting 8% commission of the merchant.

The term of the return is up to 14 days from the moment the return is requested.

To apply for a refund, you need to go to the page of the Support , select the category "Refund", indicate the subject, enter the access code, the order number and the reason for the refund (detailed). The request must be applied from the email on which the order was made.

Be respectful, improperly filled applications will NOT be accepted!

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If you are making a purchase on our site for the first time, the access code to the personal account will be sent to the email that was specified when making the order. The process of registering an account is completely automatic, you just need to place an order.